Private, by-appointment-only beauty salon for women

About Princess Boudoir

Thank you for visiting the Princess Boudoir website. “Boudoir” is a French term for a woman’s private little room. The concept of “Princess Boudoir” stems from our desire to provide a special place where we can help maintain the beauty of the “Princess” who visit us from both the inside and outside. Our original style of massaging treatment is based on European massage, maintaining your outer beauty and providing satisfaction that enhances your inner beauty. We strive to present you with an experience that you will cherish – an experience that reminds you of the joy of being a beautiful woman.

Product Line

About Sothys

Sothys is French brand of skin care products for professionals. Their main store is in France, but I first came to know of Sothys when I was studying cosmetology in New York. After acquiring my esthetician license, I worked as an intern at a spa, and near that spa was Sothys New York. Being one of the renowned, premium salons around 5th Avenue, I had longed to receive treatment there, but had to return to Japan before doing so. After working at number of salons and spas, I finally had the opportunity to work at the Sothys salon in Tokyo. I have tried many, many products, but nothing is quite like Sothys. Along with such renowned products, we at Princess Boudoir will provide you with genuine, high-quality service, backed by years of experience, with your beauty as our top priority.